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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision:  Societies Living in Ecological Abundance

Mission: To strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Organizations to sustainably manage environmental resources, support environmental governance and enhance livelihood and economic opportunities for communities

The Goal of ELCI during the 2016 - 2020

To strengthen livelihood and economic opportunities for CSOs and communities while delivering both locally and globally on the environment dimensions of SDGs.

Values of ELCI

Commitment: Members, Board of Directors and Secretariat Staff of ELCI share and believe in the vision and mission of ELCI and collectively work towards achieving them.

Team spirit: We believe in the great achievements that come out of a secretariat team that shares knowledge and tasks and build on each other’s strengths, and a membership that coalesces together, to work and speak with one voice.

Transparency: We have the purpose to work in a manner that enables our members, partners, donors and other stakeholders to understand our intentions, achievements and challenges and to interact in a manner that lead to improved performance of the organization.

Efficiency: We understand the value and scarcity of resources in human, financial and other forms, and believe that these resources must be utilized with conscientiousness to achieve the greatest impact, in line with the purpose(s) for which these are acquired.

Professionalism: In order to achieve the intended results, we believe in the full application of appropriate skills and knowledge as well as character befitting the tasks at hand.

Honesty: In our operations, communications and relationships, we purpose to remain sincere and truthful in order that our engagements will be characterized with high standards of integrity.